22 Jump Street Torrent

22 Jump Street Torrent

Everything starts as a simple comedy of opposites. Two young policemen must work together, despite the obvious differences between them: while
Jenko (Channing Tatum) is tall, muscular, popular and ass, Schmidt (Jonah Hill) is quietly, fat, antisocial and intelligent. Following the logic
of the traditional classic comedy duos (The Fat and the Lean), or of contemporary animation (Monsters Inc., Shrek), the idea is to counteract the
physical and temperament of the protagonists to produce a lightweight and immediate comic effect.

Things become more complex when two young police must infiltrate a school to find a dealer among students. At this time, the fat and the skinny
opposites are new on the horizon. The first occurs with an inversion of values​​: in this new class, the fat becomes popular, while the muscular
groups should find new friends. “It’s all the fault of Glee!” He shouts. Another clash of generations is: schools have not only preppies, nerds
and goths, but also gays, vegetarians and other ghettos that are beyond the knowledge of the protagonists. Meanwhile, the current style music
remixes in a few hits of the 1990s.

22 Jump Street Torrent constantly plays with the anachronistic adaptation factor. Inspired by the television series of the late 1980s, it keeps
the premise (which police must infiltrate the students), but it fits the movie to pop-rapid-colored like the XXI century. “Before there was also
a group of police officers who infiltrated into schools. People always recreate the worst crap,” says a chief of police, in obvious reference to
the movie itself.

Thus, 22 Jump Street Torrent comes in line with the new comedy genre, supported in recycling, self parody, the inconsequential nature of the
acts. As in Scream 4, Kaboom or Machete, picks up a genre as a source of clichés to be twisted and recombined, but never criticized. It’s fun to
laugh at yourself, accumulate references that younger audience understands (Twitter, drug addiction from Robert Downey Jr.), and even take on the
absurdity complex. In this sense, 22 Jump Street Torrent approaches If Hangover, X Project - A Party Out of Control, Jackass - The Movie and
other comedies that take a far-fetched and almost surreal tone (see the Korean Jesus, the box doves in slow motion, the protagonist gladly

Enter gags scene about action movies (the cars that never explode), jokes about the icons of the youth of American colleges (the importance of
prom) and, above all, a deluge of references to oral sex, this is probably the movie with more jokes about penises in the entire history of
cinema. Anything goes: the homoerotic tension between them, a man sodomized by a woman at a party, another woman appears unconscious in the back
seat of a car, but ready for a fellatio with the first man that comes along.

At least we can celebrate this film the disappearance of the typical moralizing comedies of American studios. This is a thriller with no real
villains, just funny villains, a little clumsy, as if they had not realized their guilt. Here, all forms of sex, drugs, ethnicities, temperaments
and tastes are the same, are interchangeable and flee from any judgment script. 22 Jump Street Torrent is a film that does not take itself
seriously, or rather that takes very seriously the playbook inconsequential film. It is “cool”, post-modern, hedonistic, as only a production
ultra contemporary could be (impossible to imagine this script fifteen years ago).

The direction and assembly follow this logic, being not only very fast but also almost random: the swift introduction of assembly slows in the
party scene, and then accelerate again towards completion. This lack of rigor seems curiously relevant to a project so carefree, so accustomed to
the excesses and heterogeneities. Everything is clearer when the conclusion presents a kind of collage of pictures shots, explosions and gags of
the film we just saw, but at an accelerated pace, making these minutes a synthesis on YouTube so the whole production.

Finally, 22 Jump Street Movie Torrent is a coarse, somewhat poorly done, but perfectly aware of it, and satisfied with your choices - ie, a
production that reaches its claims in full, both aesthetic as (a) moral.